We offer a limited selection of used pianos. We are always in the middle of some research project and these pianos often reflect that work. A representative sample is discussed here. Please call for more information on the pianos we have available. Kimball 5’ 9” Grand (moving sale price $4,950) This unusual oak-veneered, art-case grand piano offers an outstanding blend of performance and value. The action has been completely regulated. The hammers are like new; they have been carefully sanded and voiced. The pinblock, soundboard and structure are in excellent condition. This will be an excellent choice for the beginning to advanced student. Geo. Steck 6’ 0” Grand (moving sale price, $9,950) This rosewood-veneered, art-case grand had a new soundboard installed about twenty years ago and has been my personal piano--it is in perfect condition. The action and hammers were replaced about ten years ago. Its sound is big and powerful with an exceptionally clean and clear bass. This piano has been used and admired by a number of well-known Northwest musicians. Everett 5’ 4” Grand (not yet priced) This unique grand piano intrigued us from the start. Its case is three to four inches narrower than most pianos giving it an elegance rare in small grands. During its initial evaluation I realized it would make an ideal platform for one of the low-tensioned string scales with which I’ve long been intrigued. The piano is now completely rebuilt with updated scaling and subtle, but important, soundboard enhancements. The handmade, cold-pressed hammers are crafted with German Wurzen felt. This instrument beautifully demonstrates the tone potential of low-tensioned small pianos. Its bass is clear and articulate and its voice nicely balanced across the whole compass. This piano’s warm and rich timbre is rare today but was common to pianos of the late 19th century. In an age when a common complaint about pianos is their harsh brightness this piano is like a breath of fresh air. It must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Bring your music and plan to spend some quality time with this charming little piano. Used Pianos ...a few very special pianos © 2011 Fandrich Piano Company, Inc.