The value of in-shop prep work Our new pianos perform at a level well beyond their modest prices. This is due to the meticulous detailing work we do before the pianos are offered to the public. We do not sell pianos “out of the box”; our pre-sale preparation schedule is one of the most rigorous in the industry. The actions are thoroughly adjusted and regulated; strings are spaced and leveled; hammers are carefully aligned and fitted to the strings; and the pedals and trapwork are lubricated and adjusted for smooth, quiet function. Consequently, our instruments perform at a level comparable to pianos costing far more elsewhere. Samick We offer the Samick line of new pianos. Years of steady growth have made Samick one of, if not the, largest piano manufacturers in the world today. Samick has been investing heavily in their state-of-technology Indonesian factory. This investment makes possible consistent quality across their product line. Our pre-sales prep work further improves on their basic qualities ensuring that the pianos perform at a level uncommon at their modest price points. Kohler & Campbell We have found Kohler & Campbell pianos offer a good balance between price and performance. With our meticulous prep work these pianos are ideal for beginning students as well as advancing musicians. Knabe Knabe pianos are a step up in both performance quality and price. These pianos are patterned after the original U.S. built (Baltimore, MD) Knabe pianos of the early- to mid-20th century. New Pianos ...exceptional performance at remarkably low prices © 2011 Fandrich Piano Company, Inc.