Pianos that bring the beauty of music to life Sales  We offer new pianos for sale at very affordable prices, instruments that we have personally inspected and prepared. Every used piano we offer has been fully serviced to the same standards as our new instruments. In addition, our shop rebuilds a few select instruments for sale. When these instruments are available they are described on our used piano page. All of our instruments—new and used—emphasize the warm sound and broad timbral dynamic that has made the piano the instrument of choice for more than three centuries. From the gentle caress of pianissimo to the thunder of forte—they respond to every nuance of the music hiding in your soul. Remanufacturing  For more than four decades, through extensive study, experimental research and testing, we have been exploring the limits of piano performance. The ongoing quest to expand the meaning of piano e forte—loud and soft—has guided our research and the knowledge gained is being applied to both new piano design and to the redesign and remanufacture of the great instruments of the late 19th and early 20th century. We can remanufacture pianos of any age and type to meet your specific musical taste. For more information on our remanufacturing services click on Remanufacturing. Research  Research into the many secrets of piano design and construction has been a central part of our work for nearly forty years. This work has led to breakthroughs in areas such as piano scaling, piano soundboard design and construction, and hammermaking. Fandrich served as Director of Research and Development for the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company during the 1980s. He has conducted research projects that have led directly to patented improvements in the vertical piano soundboard. Research continues to be a part of Fandrich Piano Company’s mission. For more information see our Research page. Building  We now custom-build pianofortes of new design with incomparable musical qualities. Accomplished musicians, including George Harrison and Henry Kaiser, have purchased our pianos and trust our designs. For information on our current project click on The New Grand. Design  Over the past four decades we have pioneered the newly revived interest in piano design. As one of the world’s most creative piano designers—for just one example see the description of the Fandrich Upright—we now design pianos for manufacturers around the world. See Design for more information. Consulting  Both design and manufacturing consulting are a growing part of our business. We work with both small and large piano makers to improve their existing product lines and to design and develop entirely new pianos. Education  We regularly present technical classes and seminars on topics related to the design and manufacture of pianos. Most of these are presented at Piano Technicians Guild conferences and conventions (or their foreign equivalents). We also conduct intensive two- and three-day seminars at our own workshop. See News & Events for more details. © 2011 Fandrich Piano Company, Inc. Welcome to our musical world ...where the art and science of the piano meet